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- engine test bench -


the engine under real-life conditions of the street and the vehicle itself.

The internal test bench simulates various stationary and dynamic drives. A virtual quarter-mile-race can be performed, too.


the engine with as little time as possible.

Desired performance parameters can be verified before the engine is reinstalled or retrofitted.


years experience with vintage cars


hours spent on test benches

The engine test bench

The installment of the engine test bench was sponsored through an EXIST start-up fellowship from the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. After finishing the main setup, the test bench is adjusted to classic combustion engines. After an ongoing precision tuning process and runs on the internal engine, the test bench can be used with experienced staff.

If you wish to receive an individual offer for a functional check, an optimization of your own combustion engine or applying and assessing performance enhancement measures,  

please get in touch.

The engine test bench allows hoots to assess all components in terms of functionality, durability, accuracy and influence of environmental changes – before the final assembly.


– Test bench for carburetor engines
– Heat dissipation through additional cooling circuits
– Separated cooling circuits
– Separate fresh air supply
– Fuel scale with gravimetric measuring principle
– Modern, bus-based control and measurement system

Load machine / dynamometer

– 2-Quadranten-Maschine with eddy current brake
– External water cooling system
– Nominal power up to 400KW approx. 540 HP
– Integrated torque and speed recording

Measurement method

– Digital control and steering
– Extendable CAN-BUS-system
– Permanent surveillance of safety
– Integrated emergency shutdown
– Registration of various metrics (temperature, pressure, percolation, electric parameters,…)


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